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Our team has extensive experience working with education stakeholders on projects requiring both analytic rigor and sensitivity to cultural complexity.


Our team is skilled at assisting health and medical institutions in formulating and interpreting evidence for decision-making and best practices.

Social Sciences

Our team excels at working with clients who tackle complex analytic and development projects in psychology, anthropology, sociology, and economics.

Sociocultural Analytics is a small consulting firm offering high-level expertise in three areas: research design and data analysis, measurement and evaluation, and project development and implementation. We specialize in working with complex education, health-related, and social scientific projects. These projects may be complex because of the social and cultural contexts in which they are situated, the nature of the analyses needed by multiple stakeholders, or the level of sophistication of interventions. Quite frankly, we find these challenges interesting and exciting.

Sociocultural Analytics offers a high level of technical expertise coupled with an ability to incorporate sociocultural and analytic intricacies that are integral to the success of the client’s project. We work with our clients to evaluate all options available to them, and to help them choose among those possibilities. Sociocultural Analytics has extensive experience assisting research and development projects in the United States and internationally in a variety of cultural contexts, and can draw on a network of expertise beyond our in-house abilities as needed.